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The goal of the ranking system at is that the ranking points which is awarded on a race actually should correspond to the performance of the competitor, regardless of ski conditions, the course or external circumstances.
The ranking system is using the times of the fastest skiers and their previous ranking points when it calculates the points in a race.
A skier who has 4 or more ranking-qualifying results the last 4 years get a ranking
Ranking-qualifying races
All races are not qualified to get ranking points.
To be qualified, it must meet certain requirements:
  • The race must be public. Private races, like (club-members-only) are not.
  • Times must be presented in the result list
  • Distances must be presented in the result list
  • The race must be of a "common" type. Ski-cross, sprints and relays are normally not qualified.
Distances, not classes
The way the ranking system is built up makes it so that it will get better and better the more head-to-head-meetings there are.

This is why the ranking system is considering all skiers who has raced the same distance as like they are competeing against eachother, not just those who are in the same class.

Example of ranking calculation

Select competition
The example below calculates ranking points for 7-mila 2020, but you can select whichever race you’d like:
Ranking calculation for 7-mila 2020
Step 1, is the race qualified for ranking points?
This is determined by an administrator on after having looked through and approved the results.
Status: Yes, the race qualifies!
Step 2, listing comparable groups of skiers

Comparable groups

Cross-country skiingClassicMass start75km Selected (this group will be calculated below)
Cross-country skiingClassicMass start40km Select this one instead
Step 3a, calculating the reference time for the group
The reference time is the time that the best skier in the world (with a ranking of 100p) would’ve had.
It is this time the ranking points are based on.
In this group there are 106 results, we’ll be using the 20 fastest in the calculation of the reference time.


  • Time is the skier’s time on the race
  • Ranking is the skiers’s previous ranking at the time of the competition
  • Adjusted ranking takes into account several factors, including how many results the skier already has, or is based on a pre-set value if the skier has no previous results at all
  • Suggested reference time is the time we think that the reference time would be, based on the skier’s time and adjusted ranking
Name Time Ranking Adjusted
Klas Nilsson3:45:03.4088.3p87.8p03:17:34.03
Niklas Henriksson3:49:0487.5p87.1p03:19:35.22
Jörgen Brink3:49:05.4089.7p88.7p03:23:14.41
Martin Rosvall3:55:12.1082.6p82.0p03:12:51.84
Björn Rydvall3:59:4782.2p81.6p03:15:42.29
Tobias Thomson4:01:35.2080.1p79.9p03:13:02.62
Daniel Holmgren4:04:02.2082.6p82.2p03:20:39.93
Jim Lundmark4:05:18.4081.3p80.7p03:18:01.38
Ronnie Löf4:07:20.9080.8p79.9p03:17:44.54
Tommy Gustafsson4:07:2466.9p66.6p02:44:52.74
Ida Dahl4:08:42.9078.4p77.8p03:13:25.89
Björn Wennblom4:09:13.7077.8p77.2p03:12:20.26
Tobias Nilsson4:10:32.5077.4p77.2p03:13:25.78
Ludvig WERKMÄSTER4:12:43.4077.0p76.8p03:14:04.21
Robert Lindberg4:12:45.40No ranking72.1p03:02:12.89
Andreas Oskarsson4:14:35.90No ranking73.8p03:07:53.17
Tommy HÅGENSEN4:14:40.3071.2p71.3p03:01:31.56
Kristofer Linder4:15:12.5079.4p79.0p03:21:40.12
Henrik Fors4:16:51.6074.5p74.1p03:10:23.48
Simon Johansson4:18:04.5072.8p72.7p03:07:43.18

After slicing of the top and bottom values the average of the suggeseted reference times above is 03:16:36.47, which we’ll use as reference time.
Step 3b, calculate environmental compensation

Step 4, award ranking points
The ranking points that are awarded is based on how much the skier is behind the winner.
Please note that the ranking points in this list might differ from those in the actual result lists,
this is due to the calculations in these examples are somewhat simplified.

Color explanation

  • Distributed ranking points at the race
  • The skier’s previous ranking points

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Name Time Ranking
Klas Nilsson3:45:03.4087.4p
Niklas Henriksson3:49:0485.7p
Jörgen Brink3:49:05.4085.7p
Martin Rosvall3:55:12.1083.3p
Björn Rydvall3:59:4781.6p
Tobias Thomson4:01:35.2080.9p
Daniel Holmgren4:04:02.2080.1p
Jim Lundmark4:05:18.4079.6p
Ronnie Löf4:07:20.9078.9p
Tommy Gustafsson4:07:2478.9p
Ida Dahl4:08:42.9078.4p
Björn Wennblom4:09:13.7078.3p
Tobias Nilsson4:10:32.5077.8p
Ludvig WERKMÄSTER4:12:43.4077.1p
Robert Lindberg4:12:45.4077.1p
Andreas Oskarsson4:14:35.9076.5p
Tommy HÅGENSEN4:14:40.3076.5p
Kristofer Linder4:15:12.5076.3p
Henrik Fors4:16:51.6075.8p
Simon Johansson4:18:04.5075.4p
Joel EDEBLOM4:18:29.4075.3p
Johan Sandberg4:18:45.8075.2p
Björn Hänninen4:20:50.5074.6p
Kenneth Edlund4:23:03.4073.9p
Hans Lidfalk4:23:03.9073.9p
Thomas Strid4:23:06.5073.9p
Carl Schogster4:24:47.1073.4p
Olov Molin4:27:45.7072.5p
Olof Stenlund4:30:03.5071.8p
Niklas Markström4:30:24.8071.7p
Jesper Spjuth4:31:37.8071.4p
Joakim Lessmann4:32:35.8071.1p
Andreas Oskarsson4:32:49.5071.1p
Kristian Barkemo4:37:08.2069.9p
Magnus Marklund4:40:40.8068.9p
Oscar Sundén4:40:47.7068.9p
Erik Rydvall4:41:00.3068.9p
André NYGÅRD4:41:03.1068.9p
Peter Öbrand4:44:08.6068.1p
Tõnu Illaru4:44:50.1067.9p
William Englund4:45:4467.7p
John Arvidsson4:45:4567.6p
Sofia Lindberg4:46:55.2067.4p
Anders Mannelqvist4:47:07.2067.3p
Fredrik Ragnarsson4:47:28.6067.2p
Olof Burström4:47:35.2067.2p
Kristian Poromaa4:50:07.1066.6p
Per Ola Rasmus Nilsson4:53:02.3065.9p
Henrik Karlborg4:54:01.6065.6p
Adam Persson4:55:5265.2p
Oskar Berglund5:03:31.5063.5p
Patrik Ericsson5:04:29.7063.2p
Karl Ingard5:05:07.7063.1p
Fredrik Fransson5:06:03.3062.9p
Mika Johnsson5:06:04.1062.9p
Josefina VIKBERG5:06:0862.9p
Rune Söderman5:10:03.3062.0p
Jonas Nordin5:11:52.7061.7p
Sanna Tykesson5:12:0961.6p
Jonas Utterström5:12:12.2061.6p
Sebastian Reif5:12:25.7061.5p
Alar Just5:14:5861.0p
Anders Wallenius5:17:21.5060.5p
Kristoffer Österlund5:21:48.5059.7p
Mikael Holmlund5:25:03.4059.0p
Torsten Leukevt5:27:45.1058.5p
Roland Edlund5:28:09.7058.4p
Anders Petersson5:28:5058.3p
Frida Lind Oja5:29:19.1058.2p
Martin Lundberg5:31:53.9057.7p
Tomas Holm5:33:02.4057.5p
Olof Thelberg5:33:48.8057.4p
Robert Eriksson5:35:5457.0p
Andreas Neves5:36:25.6056.9p
Erik Nilsson5:43:10.1055.8p
Andreas Brink5:43:11.7055.7p
Henrik Långberg5:49:44.6054.6p
Jerker Sundin5:57:16.8053.4p
Jesper Larsson5:59:18.2053.1p
Magnus Isaksson6:03:56.8052.4p
Oscar Lindfors6:06:1752.1p
Robert Norlin6:09:57.6051.5p
Niclas Bergqvist6:12:12.2051.2p
Magnus Pudas6:14:33.6050.9p
Patrik Gustafsson6:18:1050.4p
Bengt Nilsson6:20:33.7050.0p
Jörgen Andersson6:20:33.8050.0p
Kim Westin6:28:20.9049.0p
Helena Törnelius6:31:04.7048.6p
Anders Ringsell6:32:50.3048.4p
Magnus Jutterström6:36:12.6048.0p
Erik Westergren6:37:36.5047.8p
Arvid Alm6:46:17.3046.7p
Per-anton Lundström6:48:49.4046.4p
Waldemar Spychalski7:01:07.4045.0p
Markus Pettersson7:07:49.7044.3p
Ida Norberg7:11:43.2043.9p
Stefano Ferrari7:14:5943.5p
Wojciech Zarzycki7:38:15.8041.2p
Linus Landström7:47:24.6040.4p
Kalle Vannmoun7:47:32.3040.4p
Tore Johansson7:48:57.8040.2p
Alf Söderlund7:49:10.9040.2p
Olov Lundgren7:49:14.1040.2p
Hampus Persson8:09:1438.5p
Mikael Back8:11:1338.4p