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  • Born in 1991
  • Has 34 results
  • Alternative spellings: Anders Høst Mølmen, Anders Mölmen Höst, Anders Hoest Moelmen, Anders MølmenHøst, Anders Mølmen Høst

Ranking points:
  • Cross-country skiing: 78.0p, ranked ~380 out of 5924 ranked skiers
  • Roller skiing: 85.2p, ranked ~7 out of 2145 ranked skiers

Other clubs
Most frequent opponents
Anders Auklandapprox. 28 meetings
Morten Eide Pedersenapprox. 24 meetings
Tore Berdal Björnsethapprox. 23 meetings
Stian Hoelgaardapprox. 21 meetings
Ståle Fenstadapprox. 21 meetings
 2018-06-26 15:46:11
...'s vann helgens Olaf Skoglunds Minnesløp...
av Erik Wickström
 2017-04-03 16:23:31
...Gustav Eriksson och Här satt jag i...
 2017-04-01 15:58:40
...LeasePlan 2:36:31.9+(4:50.4) NOR Team LeasePlan 2:36:37.8+(4:56.2) 10...
Best results
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Roller skiing Cross-country skiing
2019-08-17 Alliansloppet 89.6p
2019-09-22 Klarälvsloppet 84.9p
2019-06-08 Rullskidgalejet 84.4p
2018-08-25 Alliansloppet 90.9p (adjusted to 81.8p)
2018-08-01 Blink Classic 60 km 88.5p (adjusted to 79.7p)
2018-09-16 Fiemme Rollerski Cup Long Distance Cermis Final Climb 87.4p (adjusted to 78.7p)
2018-06-23 Olaf Skoglunds Minneløp 84.4p (adjusted to 76.0p)
2018-06-09 Rullskidgalejet 81.8p (adjusted to 73.6p)
The ranking points are calculated as the average of the 4 best results the last 4 years. Read more about the ranking system here
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