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  • Born in 1979
  • Has 102 results
  • Alternative spellings: Erik Wilmhelmsson

Ranking points:
  • Cross-country skiing: 75.9p, ranked ~541 out of 6912 ranked skiers
  • Roller skiing: 70.3p, ranked ~338 out of 2248 ranked skiers

Other clubs
Most frequent opponents
Adam Blombergapprox. 46 meetings
Kent Tigerbergapprox. 42 meetings
Tobias Westmanapprox. 40 meetings
Rickard Bergengrenapprox. 38 meetings
Marcus Ullmanapprox. 31 meetings
Roller skiing Classic
M 21, 48kmErik WilhelmssonLidköpings VSK#1002:01:4275.4p++
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 40, 42kmErik WilhelmssonLidköpings VSK-DNS
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 21, 50kmErik WilhelmssonLidköpings VSK#642:40:47.8083.1p>
Cross-country skiing Free
M 21, 10kmErik WilhelmssonLidköpings VSK#123:4786.8p+
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 21, 15kmErik WilhelmssonLidköpings VSK#137:59.7084.2p+
Ranking points for classes below MW16 have been hidden
av Erik Wickström
 2019-02-24 16:42:37
...Tranemo i onsdags), (har trappat ner lite grann,...
av Lä
 2018-05-30 11:51:01
...mycket biltrafik, säger från arrangerande Lidköpings VSK....
av Erik Wickström
 2018-05-29 07:03:21
...där bland annat står bakom. Denna Erik W...
av Erik Wickström
 2018-02-13 11:05:07
...februariform. Åkte med I drygt 1,5 varv slet...
av Erik Wickström
 2017-06-05 07:41:06
...Så här skrev i ett mejl om Rådarullen...
Best results
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Cross-country skiing Roller skiing
2018-03-17 Hallbyloppet 86.8p (adjusted to 78.1p)
2018-02-24 DM Västergötland 84.2p (adjusted to 75.8p)
2018-01-06 Tranemoloppet 83.2p (adjusted to 74.9p)
2018-03-26 SM 50/30km 83.1p (adjusted to 74.8p)
2018-02-20 Mullsjöskejten 82.2p (adjusted to 74.0p)
2018-01-22 Ulricehamnsloppet 82.1p (adjusted to 73.9p)
2018-01-13 Borås Skidfestival distans 81.5p (adjusted to 73.4p)
2018-02-11 Västgötaloppet Tävling 81.3p (adjusted to 73.2p)
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