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  • Cross-country skiing: 68.2p, ranked ~1208 out of 6793 ranked skiers

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Most frequent opponents
Magnus Svenssonapprox. 16 meetings
Adam Steenapprox. 15 meetings
Carl Henrik Niperapprox. 14 meetings
Ronnie Löfapprox. 14 meetings
Peter Gyulaiapprox. 13 meetings
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 40, 42kmAnders HübinetteSundbybergs IK#191:51:5072.7p++
M 40, 52kmAnders HübinetteSundbybergs IK#162:36:4169.1p+
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 40, 15kmAnders HübinetteSundbybergs IK-DNS
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 21, 42kmAnders HübinetteSundbybergs IK#222:01:0669.1p++
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 40, 52kmAnders HübinetteSundbybergs IK#122:49:17.4068.9p+
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av Adam Steen
 2017-01-27 09:41:00
...Magnus Svensson, Tureberg, 45.5610. Sundbybeg, 46.11 Som vanligt...
av Sumpan Elit
 2016-03-06 18:14:44
...4.23.24 Niclas Eklöw, 4.39.38 4.46.38 Jörgen Melder, 4.46.56...
av Sumpan Elit
 2015-09-09 16:08:04
...Henrik Holmberg, Anders Wånell, dessa gossar har ett...
av Sumpan Elit
 2014-09-10 08:43:32
...Boström, SIK, 1.05.10 10. SIK, 1.06.03 DAMER 1....
av Sumpan Elit
 2014-06-20 08:40:07
...Boström, SIK, 1.05.10 9. SIK, 1.06.03 10. Carl-Henrik...
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Cross-country skiing
2020-01-05 Craft Ski Marathon 72.7p
2019-02-17 Bessemerloppet 69.1p
2019-01-19 Roslagsloppet 69.1p (adjusted to 62.2p)
2018-02-18 Bessemerloppet 68.9p (adjusted to 62.0p)
2017-01-28 Harsa Ski Marathon 73.7p (adjusted to 59.7p)
2017-02-19 Skinnarloppet 71.1p (adjusted to 57.6p)
2016-02-21 Bessemerloppet 69.7p (adjusted to 50.8p)
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