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  • Born in 1982
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  • Cross-country skiing: 54.3p, ranked ~2702 out of 5927 ranked skiers

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Most frequent opponents
Linn Sömskarapprox. 14 meetings
Eva Svenssonapprox. 13 meetings
Carolin Anderssonapprox. 13 meetings
Linda Danvind Malmapprox. 13 meetings
Lina Korsgrenapprox. 12 meetings
Cross-country skiing Classic
L 21, 40kmKarin NilssonIFK Arvidsjaur SK#12:14:3366.9p++
Cross-country skiing Classic
L 21, 42kmKarin NilssonIFK Arvidsjaur SK#52:19:53.6061.1p-
Cross-country skiing Free
L 21, 9kmKarin NilssonIFK Arvidsjaur SK#525:3872.8p++
Cross-country skiing Free
L 35, 14kmKarin NilssonIFK Arvidsjaur SK#252:42.7066.0p++
Cross-country skiing Classic
L 35, 11kmKarin NilssonIFK Arvidsjaur SK-DNS
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av Lä
 2015-02-09 08:25:55
...12 minuter före fjolårssegrarinnan IFK Arvidsjaur Skidor och...
av Sumpan Elit
 2015-02-09 07:29:57
...Lindstedt, Sundbyberg, 2.01.07 2. Arvidsjaur, 2.13.10 3. Catharina...
av En vinterdrog
 2014-03-31 23:24:00
...(6KM) och slog som kom på 14e plats...
av Sumpan Elit
 2014-02-03 08:08:11
...Larsen, SIK, 54.22 1. Umeå, 2.21.57 2. Catharina...
av Team X-Ray
 2014-02-02 20:25:00
...plats i mål. vinnare i D21. Brukar vara...
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Cross-country skiing
2018-12-29 Rymmarloppet 66.9p (adjusted to 60.2p)
2017-11-25 Stellinloppet 72.8p (adjusted to 59.0p)
2018-02-04 Borås Ski Marathon 61.1p (adjusted to 49.5p)
2016-12-30 Stellinloppet 66.7p (adjusted to 48.6p)
2017-03-25 Master SM Fri Stil 66.0p (adjusted to 48.1p)
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