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  • Born in 1970
  • Has 49 results

Ranking points:
  • Cross-country skiing: 65.3p, ranked ~796 out of 4371 ranked skiers
  • Roller skiing: 68.2p, ranked ~252 out of 1816 ranked skiers

Most frequent opponents
Stefan Sunnerbergapprox. 18 meetings
Per-Olov Svahnapprox. 17 meetings
Patrik Lindapprox. 15 meetings
Magnus Hedlundapprox. 12 meetings
Tobias Westmanapprox. 11 meetings
Roller skiing Free
M 50, 16kmNiclas AnderssonSK Ringen#132:1277.1p++
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 50, 43.5kmNiclas AnderssonSK Ringen-DNF
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 50, 42kmNiclas AnderssonSK Ringen#31:47:3272.7p>
Cross-country skiing Classic
M 50, 40kmNiclas AnderssonSK Ringen#71:57:1670.7p>
Roller skiing Classic
M 21, 90kmNiclas AnderssonSK Ringen#993:47:5169.1p+
Ranking points for classes below MW16 have been hidden
Best results
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Roller skiing Cross-country skiing
2020-08-09 SM Fristil (Rådarullen Etapp1) 77.1p
2019-09-14 Billingen Roller Ski Backrace 77.0p (adjusted to 69.3p)
2019-09-15 Billingen Roller Ski Distans 71.3p (adjusted to 64.2p)
2019-09-22 Klarälvsloppet 69.1p (adjusted to 62.2p)
2018-09-01 NybroSkejten/SM 76.6p (adjusted to 62.0p)
2018-09-02 NybroRullen SM masstart 72.8p (adjusted to 59.0p)
2020-02-02 Wadköpingsloppet 72.7p (adjusted to 58.9p)
2020-01-18 Moraloppet 70.7p (adjusted to 57.3p)
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