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  • Born in 2000
  • Has 171 results

Ranking points:
  • Cross-country skiing: 76.8p, ranked ~500 out of 6645 ranked skiers
  • Roller skiing: 66.2p, ranked ~523 out of 2223 ranked skiers

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Most frequent opponents
Ida Palmbergapprox. 87 meetings
Julia Albertssonapprox. 83 meetings
Ida Perssonapprox. 82 meetings
Johanna Ingardapprox. 77 meetings
Maja Erikssonapprox. 76 meetings
 2020-02-16 15:05:26
...Märta Rosenberg, Duved och Högbo gav inga högoddsare...
av Bertils Blogg
 2020-02-16 10:58:44
...Damer 19-20, 1:a 16.11.2 – 46:a Emma Olsson...
 2020-02-15 16:00:28
...av dom bästa, men Högbo övertygade och vann...
av Bertils Blogg
 2020-02-15 11:28:28
...Damer, 1.a 39.03.4 – 32:a Julia Lövström...
Best results
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Cross-country skiing Roller skiing
2019-12-22 Scandic Cup Östersund Distans 77.8p
2019-03-09 JSM Distans 76.1p
2019-12-07 Volkswagen cup Idre Fredag 76.1p
2019-03-06 JSM Masstart 75.1p
2019-03-30 Lilla Skidspelen Distans 74.8p
2020-01-11 Offerdalspropagandan 73.2p
2019-03-23 Scandic Cup - Distans 73.1p
2019-02-16 VOLKSWAGEN, SCANDIC CUP 16/2 77.2p (adjusted to 69.5p)
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Since the ranking points are updated on wednesdays they might differ a bit from the average of the races above.
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