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  • Born in 1999
  • Has 77 results

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  • Cross-country skiing: 52.7p, ranked ~3009 out of 6033 ranked skiers

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Most frequent opponents
Johan Herbertapprox. 58 meetings
Eleonora Olsmatsapprox. 51 meetings
Oliver Angelsiööapprox. 46 meetings
Nora Jacobssonapprox. 42 meetings
Tilda Jacobssonapprox. 41 meetings
av Bertils Blogg
 2017-06-02 10:53:09
...samt där Gustaf har JSM-brons och...
av Bertils Blogg
 2017-04-04 23:49:41
...på sprint Brottby, – Edvin Nordström… Bålsta, Lukas...
av Bertils Blogg
 2017-03-08 10:46:47
...42:a 39.02.5 Resultat D 17-18. Kommer...
av Bertils Blogg
 2017-03-07 11:41:10
...åkare anmälda… Brottby, – Edvin Nordström… Bålsta, Martin...
av Bertils Blogg
 2017-02-17 09:58:15
...– 38:a – 39:a Emma Olsson Storvreta…H...
Best results
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Cross-country skiing
2019-02-16 VOLKSWAGEN, SCANDIC CUP 16/2 64.0p (adjusted to 57.6p)
2019-02-17 VOLKSWAGEN, SCANDIC CUP 17/2 61.8p (adjusted to 55.6p)
2016-11-19 Bruksvallsloppet Lördag 67.5p (adjusted to 49.2p)
2016-11-27 Intersport Cup, Idre 66.5p (adjusted to 48.5p)
2018-02-17 JSM Distans 59.6p (adjusted to 48.3p)
2017-03-08 JSM masstart 63.7p (adjusted to 46.4p)
2017-03-11 JSM distans 62.6p (adjusted to 45.6p)
2017-04-08 Stora Fjälltopploppet 57.5p (adjusted to 41.9p)
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