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  • Born in 1996
  • Has 216 results

Ranking points:
  • Cross-country skiing: 62.3p, ranked ~1010 out of 4321 ranked skiers
  • Roller skiing: 62.0p, ranked ~529 out of 1794 ranked skiers

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Most frequent opponents
Maria Jonassonapprox. 116 meetings
Sandra Olssonapprox. 104 meetings
Moa Olssonapprox. 91 meetings
Moa Molander Kristiansenapprox. 90 meetings
Jenny Solinapprox. 89 meetings
Roller skiing Classic
L 21, 43.8kmMalin BörjesjöSundbybergs IK#21:56:5965.7p++
Roller skiing Classic
L 21, 50kmMalin BörjesjöSundbybergs IK#12:15:04.2070.3p++
Cross-country skiing Free
L 21, 35kmMalin BörjesjöSundbybergs IK#171:46:08.6074.2p-
Cross-country skiing Free
L 21, 4kmMalin BörjesjöSundbybergs IK-DNS
Cross-country skiing Free
L 21, 30kmMalin BörjesjöSundbybergs IK#241:30:44.2075.9p>
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av Lä
 2021-10-10 18:04:25 bara halvsekunden före Sundbybergs IK/ SottoZero Trentino...
av Lä
 2021-08-23 09:43:19
...en lucka, säger Holmgren. Sundbybergs IK, slog också...
 2017-04-11 09:58:49
...Lovisa Modig, Sundbybergs SK Markus Johansson,...
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Cross-country skiing Roller skiing
2021-08-22 7-milarullen 70.3p (adjusted to 63.3p)
2019-02-17 VOLKSWAGEN, SCANDIC CUP 17/2 77.3p (adjusted to 62.6p)
2019-03-23 Volkswagen cup intervallstart 76.2p (adjusted to 61.7p)
2019-03-30 SM-avslutning 30/50km 75.9p (adjusted to 61.5p)
2019-02-03 SM damer 15 km massstart 75.4p (adjusted to 61.1p)
2019-03-24 Volkswagen cup jaktstart 74.5p (adjusted to 60.3p)
2019-04-14 Stora fjälltoppsloppet 74.2p (adjusted to 60.1p)
2021-10-10 Gålörullen 65.7p (adjusted to 59.1p)
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