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  • Born in 1963
  • Has 89 results
  • Alternative spellings: Kennet Ingemarsson

Ranking points:
  • Cross-country skiing: 48.6p, ranked ~2539 out of 4349 ranked skiers
  • Roller skiing: 54.4p, ranked ~887 out of 1788 ranked skiers

Other clubs
Most frequent opponents
Adam Blombergapprox. 64 meetings
Sören Skålbergapprox. 52 meetings
Tobias Westmanapprox. 49 meetings
Kent Tigerbergapprox. 46 meetings
Johan Kantoapprox. 41 meetings
Roller skiing Free
M 55, 20kmKenneth IngemarssonGöteborgs SK-DNS
Roller skiing Free
M 55, 18kmKenneth IngemarssonIK Stern#238:09.2070.2p+
Cross-country skiing Free
M 50, 15kmKenneth IngemarssonIK Stern#751:2163.2p-
Roller skiing Classic
M 45, 40kmKenneth IngemarssonIK Stern#21:49:3468.8p--
Roller skiing Classic
M 50, 9kmKenneth IngemarssonIK Stern#226:4272.6p-
Ranking points for classes below MW16 have been hidden
av Erik Wickström
 2017-03-09 15:04:01
...Med pappa samt och Ragnar Crona et al....
av Begränsningar finns dom?
 2015-09-12 20:24:00
...ska dras. Blomberg, Graas, och dagens stora hot för...
av Mickes skidblogg
 2014-10-05 19:09:29
...efter Adam Blomberg och Han grämde sig lite...
av Team X-Ray
 2013-12-02 23:46:00 i bil på fredag förmiddag. Dagen...
Best results
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Roller skiing Cross-country skiing
2019-09-14 Billingen Roller Ski Backrace 70.2p (adjusted to 56.9p)
2017-10-01 Lindénarullen 75.1p (adjusted to 54.7p)
2017-10-08 Åsracet 72.6p (adjusted to 52.9p)
2017-10-22 Syarullen 68.8p (adjusted to 50.2p)
2018-01-20 GM2018- fristil 63.2p (adjusted to 41.5p)
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